When you start Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2)-based computer, you might have come across the given error message: “Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. Windows root\system32\hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.” Once this error 300

Sometimes, when you start your computer system, you may find that some of the important files are missing, icons from the desktop are not there, etc. Finding this you must think about what has actually happened to your computer system due to which you have lost the data. This might be the result 300

Corruption in MS Windows pci.sys file can take a toll on the data stored in the system. All your Windows data gets damaged or becomes totally inaccessible due to corruption in pci.sys file. Consider a situation where you get the following error message when you start your Windows system: “File 300

Have you ever lost your photos, videos, documents, etc. due to accidental deletion? Sometimes, it happens that you are in rush to finish some work as soon as possible and in that hurry you press the DELTE key and loss the selected data, which can be a music file, video, movie, any document, or 300

You may need to start Windows in safe mode for so many reasons like troubleshooting Windows start-up issues, removing viruses, trojans, etc. Let us consider a scenario, which puts light on the situation that forces you to run Windows in safe mode. Suppose, you installed add-ins or any software 300

“Change is the only thing that does not change”. In fact, this adage also applies to technology and thus, people who are anyhow concerned with technology need to accept and implement occurring changes. Computer users can better understand the importance of such technological changes, as just 300

Using system restore for restoration of lost data doesn’t guarantee you all time success. Many a times, System Restore may not restore files as expected when you perform restoration of your computer. You get the following error when you restart the system after restoration. System 300

When you face fatal system crash, the only possible thing that can bring back the lost system files and files is System Restore. As System Restore keep a check on all changes made on your system, it easily enables you to get back all system files and till the last update. For making it possible, 300